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Wreckx-N-Effect are the undeniable leaders of the New Jack Swing. As protégés of Teddy Riley, the duo is responsible for chart topping records like “Rump Shaker”, “Wreckx Shop” and the international hit “New Jack Swing”. The duo has graced international stages with icons as Mary J Blige, R. Kelly, Guy and Michael Jackson, just to name a few. As popular Harlem teenagers, members Markell Riley and Aqil "A-Plus" Davidson, were inspired to step into the arena by the success of Teddy Riley, Markell's older brother.The rest was history, as Wreckx’s impact of bridging hip hop, r&b, dance tunes along with that hard yet smooth edge ignited an incontestable movement, laying down a music legacy that now some 18 years later speaks for it self.Currently in the studio working on a new album, the duo are scheduled to release new music in summer 2015. Aqil states, “We're more mature now. What's the sense of ignoring something that worked out for us as kids in such a strong way? We have to get back to that energy.

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  • "Wreckx-n-Effect" 1989 Mowtown Records
  • "Hard or Smooth" 1992 MCA Records
  • "Raps New Generation" 1996 MCA Records




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